Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Trayvon Martin Cover Up?? (Part 1)

This is a very heated and potentially volatile situation. The shooting (murder?) of 17 year old Trayvon Martin by a 28 year old, community watch captain. This incident is not new to us, an innocent, unarmed black male being shot and killed without merit, justification or reason and no one arrested or convicted for the act. We've heard and seen this time and time again. This same situation has been the story of many of uprisings and riots. Remember McDuffie or the Lazano cases here in South Florida? Many have been walking around thinking, "times have changed", the lives and opportunities for blacks is so much better. We now have a black president, blacks are making big strides in business, oppression for blacks doesn't exist in this day and age. I only have one question for all of that... REALLY?

Every time I hear anything about this story, I cringe. Why? I cringe because I have a son that just turned 17 and every time I see this kid's face, I see my son's face. Seventeen years old...seventeen. This young man in the whole scheme of things was still a baby. He didn't get a chance to go to the prom, graduate high school, go to college, join a frat, find a wife, have children, have a career, nothing. This young man's life was snuffed out because of what....Racism? Until we really know the full story and find out the facts, this is all we have to go on. A white male, armed who makes a phone call to 911 while following young Trayvon Martin and making statements that just weren't kosher. It doesn't look good from beginning to end. What make matters even worse is that the police department is seemingly helping to make fact finding that much more difficult by what seems to be condoning the actions of this shooter by leading him with questions upon the first arrival of detectives for the investigation as well as not seemingly giving their best effort to try and get to the bottom of this tragic incident, instead passing this off to a higher authority to find the answers.

There will be a rally held in Sanford for Trayvon Martin "headlined" by Rev. Al Sharpton. I guess bringing "more" attention to this couldn't hurt anything but how much more attention can this get? This story of this incident is EVERYWHERE, WORLDWIDE! I don't know what Reverend Sharpton can do for this in addition to all that's going on but I guess any and all support is basically good support, no knock on Reverend Sharpton for sure, he's my Frat Brother and I respect his work. Honestly I feel that this horrific incident should stimulate something deeper and more relevant than the current talk of "here we go again". There's some underlying factors here that we as the African American community need to look at and explore which runs much deeper than just the current dialog. We have some ills in our own communities that has come to surface that I feel no one is actually addressing or looking at because right now everything its all about the family, facts and justice and it should be. But we are going to have to look further and deeper to really see and understand the nature of this incident and the mindset of the individual who has created this in order for us to be able to create change because change is what we need. My prayers go out to Trayvon's parents, family and friends for I can't imagine the pain and hurt that they're feeling with this huge loss. I also pray the the facts will come to light and that justice, one way or the other, will be served to the fullest. As the investigation for this incident progresses, we will open up further dialog about what could be the nature of the cause that created this, what underlying factors could have triggered this and what, if any, future actions can be taken to prevent this type of incident from happening again. Our children are our future, if we don't preserve the lives of our children what will happen to our future? Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Coming this winter to TerrificKid TV is Moving the Chains. A sports show catering to the student as much as it is the athlete. Moving the Chains will feature The Recruiting Doctor, Dr. Todd Meiklejohn, NCAA recruiting eligibility expert. This interactive forum was created to provide a trusted source and education to high school student athletes and their parents. We look to help both parent and student to understand what to do and how to ensure that student-athletes will be college eligible and able to continue uninteruppted with their academic and athletic careers. Moving the Chains will premiere this winter on TerrificKid TV. Stay tuned for listings.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Got Change Incorporated Launches Youth Oriented MultiMedia Network to Teach and Train Local Youth Life, Professional and Leadership Skills.

More and more young people are falling prey to acts of violence. Here in South Florida we've seen a young lady almost beaten to death by a school mate right outside their school campus, a young man set on fire by several of his school mates on his way home from school to as recent as a 12 year old young man being shot in the head in a random act of violence while playing at a South Florida park. If your child isn't safe at school, in their own neighborhood or at the local park, where can they feel safe and how can we change this trend?

Got Change Incorporated is providing a great alternative. NEIGHBORHOOD PLANET NetVision! (NPNtv) is comprised of youth from the ages of 12-18 and has a mission to develop young people into global citizens by teaching them how to attain success through education, real-life professional training and personal development. NPNtv is launching TerrificKid TV which is a youth oriented and operated, online broadcast channel on its network. TerrificKid TV will provide local youth oriented content and programming that bring relevance, information and entertainment of substance to local communities, kind of like a PBS for young adults, an informative, yet cutting edge and thought provoking entertainment platform. With so much reality programming being broadcast on television, our youth are being bombarded with negativity and are developing a skewed understanding of what makes up good principles and character, which spills over into their daily walk of life. TerrificKid TV is looking to change this trend by providing youth with “crap free” programming that will consist of weekly shows live and recorded, web movies, sports and community news programming. The Network will be ran by youth and programmed by youth who has been trained by local, respected professionals in their related broadcast and media fields. TerrificKid TV will be broadcast to youth over the platform that they use most, broadband internet which includes broadcast via website, online radio, on demand video and live streaming to computers, laptops, tablets and cellphones.

In order for this changed environment for our young people to exist we must actually create the environment, get them involved, put them in this environment and help them grow. NPNtv is fueling this momentum for change by getting our young people involved and teaching them the proper life and professional skills to be a positive and active global citizen, starting right in their own community.

NPNtv is seeking youth who would like to learn the fields of multimedia, broadcasting and communications and who want to become an active participant of this dynamic program. Sponsorships and donations are also encouraged and welcomed to assist in the building of the NPNtv. Cash contributions as well as donations in-kind of computers, video cameras, digital cameras and any broadcast related equipment from businesses and individuals is needed. All donations are tax deductible.